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The Sixth Form Explores!

Introducing the God Question was launched in Autumn 2016 but beforehand several schools have had the opportunity to explore the resources. One of the most outstanding examples relates to 100 sixth form students, from Caldervale High School, Airdrie in Scotland, who gathered for a conference aimed at Exploring The God Question. Part one of the conference focused on extracts from The Cosmos while part two presented key sections from Mind and Consciousness. In groups of four, the students identified the pros and cons of belief in God advanced in the programmes. Then in combination with a neighbouring group, they shared their findings and assessed the strength of the competing arguments. Subsequently in even larger groups, the students presented their conclusions. Head of RE, Margaret Byrne was delighted with the outcome “These students showed a profound maturity in grappling with these really big issues but they were assisted by the sheer quality and production values of the series. This has been a great example of the educational process at its best.”

To sample their experience in a 6 minute video, click here.

More information with photographs and film will soon appear on the schools section of our website.