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From West to East….

​The God Question series has been broadcast and viewed widely across the western world and beyond - Africa and even Thailand in South East Asia. But now the series has been completely revised and renewed with content to attract a Far Eastern audience specifially. “Science and God: The Search For Meaning and Truth” was part filmed in Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam. The new series recognises the importance to these cultures of indigenous religions - Buddhism and Daoism. For many these religions are a means of searching for meaning and ultimate truth. How do these searches and the underlying belief systems compare with Christianity? And how do the beliefs and creeds of all three stand up to scrutiny through a scientific lens? Also drawing on content from the original “The God Question” series, the programmes travel East and West to ask what place, if any, religion has in the search for ultimate truth, given that science is now asking the same questions. The series is due for release in February 2020.