Search for Truth Enterprises

Searching for Truth about God.

Search for Truth Charitable Trust - through Search for Truth Enterprises Limited - has commissioned, from award winning film and television company Kharis Productions, a major series of programmes investigating The God Question. Designed for broadcast as well as worldwide distribution on DVD, this contemporarily styled series:

  • asks the big science and faith questions of our time
  • features world class contributors
  • responds to the issues in an impartial way that respects the strengths of the arguments on both sides.

Searching for Truth? What Truth?

For vast numbers of people living in the 21st century, searching for truth is a waste of time. Absolute truth, for them, does not exist; and even if it did, it is so elusive as to be out of reach. In popular culture, truth is relative anyway: what is true for you is not necessarily true for me and vice versa. Perhaps this view is a consequence of the prominence given to tolerance in western society. While respecting the views of other people is self-evidently right, taken to extremes, it can blind us to the existence of objective truth altogether. Not so in the God question. Clearly, God either exists or he does not.

Speaking in The God Question - produced for Search for Truth Enterprises Ltd - the prominent American atheist, Sam Harris says “People want the truth and yet we have two different modes of talking about the truth and one is not true.” It appears that the God question is a matter of absolute truth. New Atheists argue cogently that modern science has buried God while people of faith argue that it has not. How, then, can anyone search for truth about God?

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