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Exploring The God Question Launches in Kent

“Excellent and extremely exciting.”

“So glad I came.”

“A first class resource, skilfully presented.”

Just some of the appreciative written comments from the large audience welcomed to St Nicholas Church, Sevenoaks by Rector Angus MacLeay on Monday 2ndSeptember for a South East London launch of Exploring the God Question.

Stressing the crucial importance of the science/religion debate, the evening’s chairman, Steve Osei-Mensah, introduced a special guest: Professor John Lennox, mathematician and philosopher of science at Oxford University and a major participant in high profile encounters with atheism.

Disparaging the view that all the sophistication of the universe, of the earth and of life itself were somehow the result of blind forces, Professor Lennox, asserted the superior explanatory power of the Christian world view. Offering viewers an informed choice between atheism and theism is a major aim of the series. Producer Iain Morris demonstrated how that choice is presented in Programme 1: The Cosmos.

The science/religion debate is as energised as at any time in history. Professor John Spence, Chairman of Search for Truth Enterprises highlighted how atheism makes its case and its impact. Evangelical Alliance Programme Manager Phil Green emphasised the need for the church to have confidence in the gospel and declared the relevance of Exploring the God Question in achieving it.

Many members of the audience left the event armed with DVD box sets and study guides.The debate seems set to continue.