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In Concert With The Cosmos

‚ÄčIn Concert With The Cosmos, held in Glasgow’s Clyde Auditorium on Saturday 7th June brought a totally new dimension to Exploring The God Question. This was a completely new and ‘out of the box’ event which combined classical and popular music, chat, film, entertainment and serious reflection. All of it was molded together in a programme that was varied, packed with interest but at the same time had a developing narrative: the unfolding story of the universe and our place within it. The major contributors were Allan A Craig with the Springfield Cambridge Festival Chorus and Orchestra, NASA Astronaut Jim Dutton, Tenors Un Limited, Craigholme Junior Choir and Oxford Professor John Lennox. The evening hosted by Justin Brierley of London’s Premier Radio was recorded on 6 HD cameras and 40 soundtracks. There is significant broadcast interest in Europe and the USA,

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