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The God Question Returns to Swedish Television

​From Stockholm to Malmo and Gothenburg, the series that brings atheists and theists together in a great trial of strength is once again being beamed into Swedish homes. The Swedish public service broadcaster SVT is re-transmitting The God Question early in 2015. Originally, the channel purchased this series, about science, God and the search for truth, for their Knowledge/Culture channel but in 2015, the programmes have moved to SVT 2, the company’s equivalent of BBC 2. Each programme is available ‘on demand’ for several weeks after transmission.

For many years TV2 was the most watched channel in Sweden. Today, it is a specialist channel, often transmitting documentaries for those who wish to engage seriously with the big issues.

As in Norway, The God Question is stimulating a lot of educational interest with a Swedish educational distributor now negotiating exclusive rights with Kharis Productions and Search for Truth Enterprises for the spread of the series on DVD across Sweden.