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Exploring The God Question In The Press

Life and Work

‚ÄčThe significance of Exploring The God Question in the science/religion debate, and for the church in particular, is being picked up extensively in the Christian press. The November edition of the Church of Scotland’s Life and Work carries a double page spread feature on the series. In the article, the producer is asked about the purpose of the series “Atheism contends that our scientific understanding of the universe, the world and everything in it, dispenses with any need for God. Theism claims that God is the ultimate cause of everything. We wanted to examine the case for each and bring both to account.” Life and Work has a readership of more than 25, 000.

The Catholic Times

The weekly broadsheet newspaper The Catholic Times has wide circulation throughout the UK and Ireland. Its edition of 20th October profiled producer Iain Morris “whose latest project is attracting world interest.” The half page feature entitled “Why can’t new atheists stop talking about God?” focussed on his reflections on the science/religion debate and in particular why some atheists are fired up by something they do not believe in.

IDEA Magazine

London based Evangelical Alliance “Is proud to endorse the DVD series Exploring The God Question.” This clear statement of support comes in the November/December issue of IDEA Magazine, in a full page article in which series contributor, Professor John Lennox, is interviwed on the subject of science and faith. Strongly advocating that Christians need to have ‘real answers to the big questions’ Professor Lennox goes on to say ‘If church leaders haven’t got the resources themselves, they should use the people in their congregations who do have these abilities and use resources that are available like Exploring The God Question.’ At the conclusion of the article, the Evangelical Alliance emphasises the significance of the series especially in the context of their ‘Confidence in the Gospel’ campaign.