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Knowledge of The God Question Reaches The Planet

​Planet Knowledge is one of the world’s up and coming VOD platforms. An arrangement has just been completed between the channel and distributors Flame acting for Kharis Productions Ltd. A substantial number of the channel’s clientele are from the UK. Programmes can be viewed on Smart Phones and Tablets or using the Android or IOS operating system. Planet Knowledge is now available on Freeview HD and set top boxes that are connected to the Internet on Channel 245. The channel presently has over 1200 hours of premium factual documentaries that now include ‘Science vs God?’. Programmes are catagorised in the following genre: Nature, History, People and Culture, Science & Technology, Planet Kids, Travel. We are delighted that our series has been selected for the channel. This brings the number of worldwide VOD channels on which the series can be viewed to four.