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Exploring The God Question Featured on Premier Radio

On Saturdays 21st and 28th September, Premier Radio’s Justin Brierley featured Exploring the God Question in two shows from the station’s popular series ‘Unbelievable’.In the first of the programmes ‘God Question’ contributor and Oxford Professor, John Lennox went head to head with atheist professor Lawrence Krauss of Arizona State University. Debating whether or not there is evidence for God in the order of the cosmos, the crux of the argument was whether the so-called fine tuning of the universe pointed to their being purpose – the intention to produce life on earth. The issue at stake is whether life has overarching meaning or is the lucky outcome of chance events.To listen to the programme click here

In the second programme both interviewees were contributors to the God Question series. They were agnostic professor Michael Ruse of Florida State University and Oxford Emeritus Professor of Divinity Keith Ward. Both are esteemed authors in science and religious issues. Debating whether or not the mystery and power of human consciousness suggests a mind behind the universe, the two clashed on how the evidence should be interpreted. To listen to the programme click here

You can also download the Unbelievable podcast by clicking here.

Later this year there will be a programme on Premier Radio that features The God Question’s producer who will reflect on the issues raised and the points made.