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The God Question in Europe, Asia and Africa

The God Question is soon to be available on broadcast television to a combined population of 170 million. Deals have been announced deals with the following networks: When transmissions are complete, the reach of the series will have extended to around 300 million homes.


Sveriges Television is the country’s public service broadcaster. With seven digital national channels, SVT’s stated aim is that “everyone will find something truly relevant in our offering: something to learn from or to be informed by”. We are delighted that SVT believes The God Question fits the bill.


Originally Denmark’s national radio station, DR is now a six channel television national broadcaster. Each year, DR awards the Rosenkjaer Prize to a prominent scientist or cultural figure who has made a difficult subject accessible to the general public. We hope that The God Question achieves the same aim for the viewing public in Denmark.


NRK is the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the largest media organisation in Norway. It has three national TV channels. Already, there is interest in Norway coming from other media such as the daily newspaper, Dagen , which has recently produced a feature article on the series. Gimlekollen School of Journalism and Communication based in Christiansand is planning to respond to the anticipated public interest in The God Question.


True Visions is Thailand’s leading cable and satellite television operator, describing themselves as “at the forefront of global media entertainment” and committed to “service excellence”. Clearly True Visions believes The God Question meets that standard. True Visions also broadcasts in other parts of South East Asia including Indonesia, Malaysia and Singapore.



Planete + Poland is the latest channel to sign up to acquire The God Question. Part of the French based international broadcast company Canal Plus, it specalises in high quality documentaries transmitting in HD. With Poland now joining the growing number of countries broadcasting the series, the potential audience reach is now approximately 170 million.


Part of the rapidly expanding Wananchi group broadcasting in East Africa, the channel anticipates that the high quality service they offer will expand in Africa in a similar way to the mobile phone industry. The company sees the emerging middle class in Africa as a crucially important audience. The contract with Wananchi has introduced The God Question to Africa. We anticipate that like Wananchi it will spread across the continent.