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The God Question was devised and produced by Kharis Productions Ltd of Scotland, UK

Since 2015, in some territories, the series has the title
Science vs God?

Kharis Productions Ltd

Global Coverage

With documentaries, feature films and drama-documentaries filmed in more than sixty countries, the Kharis Productions experience is truly global. With over thirty years experience in television production the work of Kharis staff has appeared on BBC, ITV and Channel 4 but also extensively throughout the world – a trend that has been continued and increased through the worldwide popularity of The God Question / Science vs God? series.

A Global Agenda

Kharis Productions aspires to make programmes of enduring interest and lasting significance. Whether the subject is the education of children, human suffering or the key philosophical questions of life, their televisual explorations attract interest across the world and across generations. The question of whether or not there is a rational basis for belief in a transcendent creator is a classic example.

A Search for Truth

In a so called ‘post-truth’ age arguably it is more important than ever before to present information and evidence in an uncluttered and non-propagandist way. Viewers are dignified by being encouraged to draw their own conclusions on the issues being presented, rather than be guided towards a preferred conclusion. Kharis producers believe that, even though truth may sometimes appear elusive, an objective search should remain a priority among people who are prepared to continue on a journey of thinking.

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