God: The Search For Truth

Religion Divides the World

Nothing divides the world and raises passion like politics and religion. Of the two, religion has the longer history and has caused more bloodshed and acrimony. Few would dispute that politics is necessary for order and government but the same argument can scarcely apply to religion. Whereas the social order that comes from good government is demonstrable, it is often difficult to decipher what religion really achieves - other than conflict and division.

Groping in the Dark?

Religion by definition is a means of trying to touch the intangible; an effort to see the unseen, a form of groping in the dark. But what if the object of the search does not actually exist? John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, famously evoked a world of no religion, no heaven and no hell: only sky above us. By implication: no God. By inference: a world of peace and happiness. For many it is a compellingly attractive idea.

The Voice of New Atheism

Activists known as the “New Atheists” urge the people of the twenty first century to abandon belief in the unbelievable in favour of a world governed by rational thinking and more actively dependent on building belief on what is scientifically verifiable. But what if they are wrong? What if God does exist and how would you ever know?

Science & The God Question

Taking a rational – and often scientific – approach to what has become an impassioned debate is the home territory of The God Question television series. The programmes set an agenda for a definitive approach to addressing the question of God’s existence. The series consists of three programmes, each of which resonates with issues underpinning the God question.