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Greeks and The God Question

The panoply of gods and godesses which were such an integral part of ancient Greek culture left a legacy that even today is a well known and much visited spect of Greek culture. Belief in these mythical dieties may have evaporated around two and a half millennia ago, but The God Question is still of interest to Greeks - as evidenced by the recent purchase of the series by Tetraktys Films, a world sales and distribution company originating in Cyprus.

Tetraktys Films gives high profile to television documentaries and plans to offer the God Question to a worldwide audience. Although its initial focus was Cyprus, Greece,Israel, Palestine and countries of the Balkan region, the company’s reach has extended well beyond.

The God Question series producer commented, ‘The remarkable success of the series continues to spread across the world. Not only are new countries and regions acquring the programmes, others such as Norway and Poland, who were among the earliest transmitters of the series on mainstream channels, have renewed their licences with our distributor, Flame, and continue to give their viewers access to the series.