To The End Of The Universe?

There is nothing we take for granted more than the universe. Our microscopic planet earth moves along its orbital path held in place by nothing more than the unseen law of gravity. Far beyond the limitations of human sight, the universe that sustains us has been expanding continuously since its birth at the big bang.

But all that might be about to change. The universe might be subject to an age old principle familiar to every human being: that which goes up, must come down! After billions of years of expansion, physicists at The University of Southern Denmark argue that it may be about to go into a state of collapse.

At one level, the idea is simple: universes might expand and then contract. After contraction it is possible that another expanding universe begins its journey over billions of years before the process begins again. The Kharis Productions team responsible for The God Question series interviewed physicist Martin Bojawald on this subject for inclusion in programme 1 but there was not enough time to include the interview. However, look out for it soon on the web. Make haste! Time may be more limited than we all thought….

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