The God Question TV Series

Since its release in 2013, The God Question TV series has been travelling the world.

It was produced to bring as much balance as possible to the public discussion of science and God. This was attempted by selecting three crucially important topics through which to frame the debate and inviting to the screen world renowned experts in their subjects but who also represented opposite views on the question of God’s existence.

Originally marketed by Mercury Media of London and more recently by Flame Distribution of Sydney and London, the series has proved highly popular in large areas of Europe, Asia and Africa. It is now set for release through VOD, via two North American companies with world distribution rights.

The producers estimate that within a period of 28 months, almost 10% of the world’s population had the opportunity to view The God Question in their homes. In some territories, the series has the title ‘Science vs God?’

Each television documentary is 52 minutes in duration. The DVD series Introducing the God Question is derived from the TV series but is in 6 episodes of more or less 30 minutes per episode.

For further information on The God Question series, visit and select ‘Science vs God?’