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Introducing The God Question

The question of whether or not God exists has perplexed human beings over millenia, but most especially in the last 500 years. In this series, for the first time ever, atheists and theists come together not to argue in an unstructured and vague manner, but based on the evidence that comes from our latest scientfic understanding of the forces that shaped our existence. Not unsurprisingly this crucially important subject — God and Science — is of interest not only to a wide range of people, from academics to the general public, but is also a subject debated in schools.

Introducing The God Question in Schools

Religious, moral and philosophical studies perpetually present challenges for teachers. The topics themselves are deep; good resources are scarce and also require extensive knowledge and skill to deliver in the classroom. Introducing The God Question offers major assistance.

Tackling what atheist and scientist Professor Peter Atkins calls “the biggest question of all”, the series with its Teacher’s Guide, as well as study guides for all viewers, offers core material for a variety of curriculum contexts designed to engage senior pupils. This material will be ideal in any classroom in which students are encouraged to develop skills in evaluating arguments and thinking for themselves.

Teachers therefore will find plenty to interest them whether they are searching for material to use in examining philosophical issues, religious education or interdisciplinary learning – specifically encouraged for example by the Curriculum for Excellence in Scotland.

With its emphasis on reaching a conclusion for oneself, the series demonstrates and encourages key principles of learning and teaching.

What they’re saying in Introducing the God Question...

"All those deep questions that religion once aspired to answer are now better, in a more beautiful and elegant fashion explained by science."

Richard Dawkins, former Professor of Public Understanding of Science
University of Oxford

"The science of the cosmos is not only consistent with the idea of a creator but is actually supportive."

Professor William Lane Craig, Philosopher
Talbot University, USA

"I'm about as convinced that God doesn’t exist as that the Easter bunny doesn't exist."

Professor Daniel Dennett, Philosopher
Tufts University, Boston

"To miss God is to miss the ultimate purpose for life itself."

Professor John Lennox, Mathematician and Philosopher of Science
University of Oxford

What they’re saying about Introducing the God Question in schools...

"The materials are high quality, utterly engaging and probe the deepest questions of all. They convey information, stimulate debate, present opposing views and widen awareness. They do not give answers but encourage thoughtful reflection and discussion. But the process through which this material will encourage students to go will be interesting and provocative. The God Question is a great resource especially for KS 4 and KS 5 students.”"

Sir John Rowling, Director
Partners in Excellence

"This is an invaluable resource that encourages viewers to ask questions of meaning and purpose. The resources promote religious literacy and critical thinking and will inspire debate"

Wendy Heydorn, Director of Higher Education
Sevenoaks School, Kent

"This is frankly an outstanding, high quality production which is as near an objective, balanced look at the issues of religion and science as you are ever likely to get. It is an exceptional resource offering insights from some of the world's leading thinkers and academics on a notoriously difficult but critical area of study for schools especially but not exclusively within Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies."

Ken Cunningham CBE, General Secretary
School Leaders Scotland

"The exceptionally well produced God Question series is captivating and very engaging. I would not doubt that it provides a very useful resource to promote examination of, and critical thinking on, the issues"

Mandy Evans-Ewing, Humanist Celebrant and University Chaplain

"The strength of this resource lies not only in the contemporary voices answering an age old question, but that the supporting study materials challenge the learner to reflect, understand and give their own conclusion – a perfect resource for meaningful discussions at a deeper level, particularly with senior phase pupils."

Barbara Coupar, Religious Education Advisor
Bishops' Conference Scotland

"The God Question is an excellent series of programmes, examining the question in a balanced way, encouraging the inquisitive viewer to arrive at their own conclusions"

Brian Begg, Humanist Society Scotland

"The current clash of theistic and atheistic worldviews is superbly presented in this series, making it a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in the relationship between science and belief in a creator."

Baroness Cox, Member of the House of Lords

"Now more than ever we need a considered intelligent conversation about spirituality and God. The God Question allows viewers to consider these fundamental issues in a context which is free from the rhetoric and prejudice which has characterised much of the debate."

Sergio Casci, BAFTA – Nominated Screenwriter