The Producers

Introducing The God Question was devised and created by Kharis Productions Ltd of Scotland.


Kharis was established as an independent film and television company in 2002. After some years in various production roles at ITV during the 1980s, the future founders of Kharis then spent more than a decade each in independent production mainly at Glasgow based Scope Productions and Edit 123.


As independent producers, Kharis staff have worked internationally in 62 countries and have produced documentaries for broadcasters ranging from the BBC to Russia’s Channel 2. They have also written, directed and produced two major feature films, one set in Sudan and the other in South Africa, China and the Middle East. The dramatisation of human rights issues was the common feature in both. The most recent Kharis cinematic production is Against the Tide made for American cinema but available worldwide. For more information, visit

As Kharis.Comms, the company also provides professional development to companies and organisations in communications - with a very creative, broadly based and unique approach to a crucially important subject.


Kharis staff have decades of experience in serving the educational world. Director Iain Morris produced scores of educational series, mostly for ITV but also for BBC.
Independent productions have also been undertaken for the Departments of Education in London and Edinburgh, the National College for School Leadership and the Teacher Training Agency.


Now Kharis Productions’ latest contribution to Education is Introducing The God Question, designed to have a clear sense of fit with the curricula of A-Level Philosophy, A-Level Religious Knowledge, Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies in the Scottish Curriculum for Excellence as well as the Theory of Knowledge Module in the International Baccalaureate.

For more information on the production company, visit