ITGQ In Schools

Introducing The God Question in Schools

There are two clear easily distinguishable sections to the Teacher’s Guide.

Part 1, written by the Producer of the series, provides information and guidance that every teacher should find helpful and supportive. It contains:

  • An overview of the science/God topic and why it is important
  • Significant points of information about the series that should be shared with viewers
  • Thought provoking analysis of key terms such as ‘faith’, ‘fact’, ‘opinion’, ‘God’
  • Aims for each episode
  • Suggestions on structuring discussion
  • Four discrete types of question which together help students interrogate the subject
  • Helpful synopses of episodes specially designed for teachers

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Part 2 has been contributed by five practitioners, two in Scotland and three in England. Clear connections are made between the series and several subjects in UK curricula as follows:

  • A Level Philosophy
  • A Level Religious Studies
  • Cambridge Pre-U Philosophy and Theology
  • Religious, Moral and Philosophical Studies (Scotland)
  • RME/RE (Scotland)
  • Theory of Knowledge (International Baccalaureate)

Most of the material consists of structured group/class activities designed to foster the experiences, skills and outcomes required by the various curricula. The Teacher’s Guide is provided via a USB flash drive and can be purchased at ‘Store’.

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Introducing The God Question in Schools — In Action

Pupils from sixth year at Caldervale High School, Lanarkshire, Scotland took part in a conference session on "Introducing the God Question". To view a 6-minute video of conference excerpts Click Here.

Introducing the God Question in Catholic Education

Catholic School pupils in Motherwell also took part in a conference session on the ITGQ series, led by Vatican Astronomer, Dr Guy Consolmagno. You can watch Dr Consolmagno's presentation from the conference by Clicking Here.