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Science and GodThe series SCIENCE AND GOD: THE SEARCH FOR MEANING AND TRUTH comes from Scotland based TV production company Kharis Productions and its commissioning organisation Search for Truth Charitable Trust. The programmes are developments of an earlier production called ‘The God Question’.

Kharis Productions, created the original ‘ The God Question’ series which over several years has been broadcast on many mainstream TV channels around the world and translated into several languages. The programmes on The Cosmos, on  Life and Evolution and on Mind and Consciousness bring theists and atheists from the Western world together to explore and debate whether scientific revelations in these three areas of science point to the involvement of a transcendent creator.

Programme 1 - The Cosmos Programme 2 - Life and Evolution Programme 3 - Mind and Consciousness

The God Question series comprises three programmes with the titles The Cosmos, Life and Evolution and Mind and Consciousness.

The underlying question was: is what science reveals about our origin and development consistent with religious belief in a transcendent creator? Increasingly in the Western world, the majority view appears to be that it is not. But on what is that conclusion based? Where does the evidence point?

When it was proposed that The God Question series be made available in the Far East -as well as be translated into Chinese - it immediately became obvious that it would be advantageous, as well as more culturally appropriate and interesting, to include Far Eastern perspectives in the programmes, rather than present Western views alone. Consequently, the scope of the series was widened from monotheistic religions- and Christianity in particular- to incorporate Eastern religious philosophies too. A substantial number of contributors from the East were also included. The producers are enormously grateful to all of them.

Buddhist practice Taoist practice Christian practice

The series investigates how Eastern and Western religious explanations  of our origins compare with the scientific account

A substantial number of contributors from the East were also included.

Carver Yu, Yi Wang Bik Tye Sik Hin Hun Pauline Chiu Henry Tye Stephen Tsui

Some of the distinguished Chinese contributors to the series. From left to right: Carver Yu, Yi Wang, Bik Tye, Sik Hin Hung,  Pauline Chiu, Henry Tye and  Stephen Tsui.

The producers are enormously grateful to all of them.

The resulting series was Science and God: The Search for Meaning and Truth. You can web stream it for a small payment in the Store section of the website. A TV version was created too and given the title ‘Science and the Ultimate Question’.

If you wish to CONTACT the producers about any aspect of the series please email info@kharisproductions.com.