• Exploring the God Question
    Science, God and the Search for Truth

In six half hour episodes, world renowned contributors from both sides of the science/God debate unpack the evidence found in the Cosmos, Life and Evolution and the hidden depths of Mind and Consciousness.

Available to buy and watch online now or purchase on DVD.

Also available as a 'Starters' Version.

An eBrochure on the series can be downloaded here

Ongoing Engagement

Keep up-to-date with 'The God Question' by regularly visiting our website, and in particular our Latest News pages, fascinating Snippets on the topic of God and Science and some Reviews of our products.


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Introducing the God Question in Schools

Kharis Productions, the producers of The God Question series have releaed a special version for schools which is linked to curricula for senior students throughout the UK including those taking the International Baccalaureate. For further information, visit Introducing The God Question. To find out more about the differences bewteen "Introducing" and "Exploring" click here.

Sharing the Experience

From the many ‘Exploring’ sessions held across the world in more than 30 countries, we asked three leaders in the UK to share their experiences. Read their Comments