Wonder Brain

If you have a brain – and you do – you are beyond comprehension. But there is hope!

At a cost of 10 billion pounds, An international team of scientists based in Switzerland has started work on a 10 year project which will allow us to understand better the intricacies of the human brain. A super computer is being developed to try to simulate the brain’s workings but the most powerful computer invented by the human brain falls far short of being able to perform the brain’s complex functions. A computer model simulating the electrical activity of a few thousand mouse neurons has been created but the human brain has one hundred billion. Professor Henry Markham claims these experiments will allow us to understand what makes the human bran unique and how treatment can be developed for brain diseases such as Alzheimer’s. To have a human brain is to have the most complex entity in the whole universe.Look after it and use it to explore more in programme 3 of The God Question.

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