About Us

The God Question series is an initiative of Search for Truth Charitable Trust, set up in 2008 and based in Scotland, UK.

Since 2015, in some territories, the series has the title
Science vs God?

The Trust exists to…

  • Respond to the public interest in the big questions of life.
  • Promote interest in science, philosophy, religion and the arts.
  • Encourage and stimulate public debate about the mystery, meaning and purpose of life.
  • Provide educational and other resources to support public understanding of the underlying questions and issues.
  • Facilitate a genuine search for truth in relation to fundamental issues in human existence.

The Trust recognises that…

...the subject of ‘God’ easily rouses passions. Some might have a strong distaste for organised religion or religious people; others might have a deep-seated emotional attachment to their faith. Yet others might be resentful about difficulties in their lives that make it challenging even to consider the possibility of a God.

The Search for Truth approach…

...offers each individual, whatever their background and presuppositions, the opportunity to take a fresh look at the issues, presented in an impartial and open ended way.

The Trust has established…

...Search for Truth Enterprises Limited to undertake the operational aspects of the project. The production of the God Question programmes has been commissioned from Kharis Productions Limited.

Contact Us!

Search for Truth Charitable Trust – info@searchfortruthcharitabletrust.org.uk

Search for Truth Enterprises Ltd – info@searchfortruthenterprises.com

Kharis Productions Ltd – info@kharisproductions.com